17 April 2005

Many Thanks To Many People

I received so many wonderful emails and posts from people expressing such kindness to me, enlightening me and most importantly, standing up for the most basic human right...life.

The following are excerpts from some of these messages. I wanted to share them.

Several other Catholics have pointed out the contrasts of these two deaths, and it is a contrast that should not escape without comment. The Pope had Parkinson's Disease (my mother has Parkinsons too). Over time he began to deteriorate and despite the calls for his resignation he continued in his role as leader within the Catholic Church. When his time was close, he had a feeding tube inserted. He refused to return to the hospital and gave himself over to God. His dying was very prayerful, and according to the reports that I read in the paper, he responded Amen as the crowd in St. Peter's Square had completed their rosary prayer. It was the last word that he uttered. How beautiful and serene can that be. Then I read that Fr. Pavone was with Terri and when they prayed in her room, she closed her eyes in prayer with him. Again this is a beautiful aspect of Terri's faith, and I do expect that at some future point in time, Terri will be declared a martyr by the Church. Already she is the face of the fight that is to come, so that we who are left, right and centre, will continue to stand together in order to protect the most vulnerable citizens in our society.

You are in a better position than I am to look at the ins and outs of the corruption involved in this case. I will try and support your effort in any way that is possible, such as reviewing the evidence that points to something being very wrong. In this way, even though I am a foreign national, I can join with those who are only interested to ensure that justice will prevail.

Stand firm, my friend. You have done a good job and you are articulate in what you have to say. That articulation is the one thing that can help us to win this fight to stop this barbarism in your country.


I have a cousin who is a lesbian. I don't approve or agree with her lifestyle and she knows it. BUT, I love her. She knows that too .She throughout the years, has become handicapped and is now heading towards using a wheel chair, having been diagnosed with MS, CMT, and a host of other debilitating illnesses. She also is being supported by the government. I wonder if she worsens and requires total care, if the time will come, when they feel they are doing her a favor by "putting her out of her misery". Another thing that bothers me is , where were all the women rights and human rights activist groups while this was all happening with Terri? Why weren't they taking to the streets?...

...Thanks for letting me have a say. I might not agree with your lifestyle, but I certainly can see you are a caring human being as upset about this as I and some others are. I don't know why this was turned into liberals Vs conservatives. religious rightwingers vs liberal thinkers. A woman was starved to death. It's as plain and horrible as that. Who doesn't get it? What's going to happen to more disabled people in the future? This is very frightening.

Thanks again.
Cheryl D.

Dear Megan,

It's sad when whether someone lives or dies becomes a political matter or is allowed for other humans to decide. Especially if that someone is disabled.

Hugs to you for making people aware of the issues no matter what they think.

Love, Wendi


Thank you for your comments and thank you so much for being a strong voice for the principles that
Blogsforterri stands for. We look forward to working together to bringing people together on the all important life issues involving those that can't speak for themselves, and the injustices such as has been experienced by Terri.

Best Regards,

I enjoyed your comments but was somewhat curious about the conjunction of your defense of moral relativism and your defense of Terri Schiavo. Doesn't your heart-sickness at seeing Terri killed stem from a commitment to a moral absolute? Namely, don't kill people. Or as Kant said, Never treat another member of humanity as a means only, but always as an end. What I mean is, I don't think it matters whether you believe it because the bible says it, or because Kant said it; what matters is that it is part of the sense of justice written into your heart--something we might call a conscience. We all have one of these, but it takes work--both on the part of our parents and culture which teach us, and on our own behalf as we try to know and understand the world we live in.

Sure, it takes work and intelligence and care to apply moral principles to specific situations, but that's not relativism, that's realism--what in the old days theologians would call "practical moral wisdom" which they distinguished from merely learning the rule book. In other words, learning to make sound judgments is hard work. But relativism absolves you of that effort just as moralistic oversimplifications do: in one case, the right answer is always pre-determined; in the other, the answer is whatever you want it to be: whatever costs least, is most expedient, feels best, is easiest, helps you to move on with your life, etc.

As those old-time theologians used to say, "Never deny, seldom affirm, always distinguish."
Anyway, you don't really sound like a proper moral relativist to me--more like a person who just recognizes her human capacity (and responsibility?) to seek to understand the world and find meaning in it.



I wrote a post inviting liberal bloggers to become interested in this issue and to help them understand this doesn't fit the normal individual-autonomy-versus-state-control template they're probably applying to the case.

I was bashing liberals for their callousness over this before you posted; now I'm taking a completely different attitude-- that they're probably just not getting into the details because they assume, incorrectly, it's pretty much the standard right-to-die case. So, you know, you changed my attitude 180 degrees. I'll link to your post to help demonstrate that, you know, it's not a right-wing crazy thing to want to preserve this woman's life under these particular circumstances.

Ace Of Spades

I'm in let me know when and where to send the food or how to contribute.
Thanks for at least letting me know there are still liberals with hearts.

Hurricane Bob

Hi there - I've been busy. Just put up a landing zone called
Liberals For Terri that makes the case for Terri in a different way...


(RD, you have done some incredible work. Liberals For Terri is a brilliant blog)

What a brilliant idea and what a great site. I linked through Hugh Hewitt. Our post is here:

I also added an idea for our soldiers in Iraq. If any of them sent some food/water/care packages back from Iraq that would be such a powerful statement.

This issue should cut across party lines (which I think it has) but the media hasn't noticed that yet.

I almost went to FL last weekend; if this judge doesn't reinsert her feeding tube soon (the federal judge)I just might go this week.

Anyway, I am moved by your concern for her life. Keep up the great blog. I will add you to our blogroll momentarily.


Hi Megan,

I'm Jane. I've been fighting hard for Terri since 2001. My sister (Carol, who is a diabetic/epileptic double amputee)

We have a YahooGroup [SAVETERRI] that has a great group of people sharing ideas, questions & ideas. I think YOUR idea is just awesome....despite the fact that you don't know me from Eve. I like your idea so much, I would like to push this with all the lists/boards/groups I am involved with.

Good on ya', sister! I love this idea. If you like, consider joining our yahoo group. You can look for it at:
www.yahoo.com then click on the "groups" link and search for [SAVE TERRI]. I am going to post this idea to all of the boards I am on or that I am owner/moderator at. Awesome idea!

Keep the faith!

This great idea came to me from an unlikely source ... on probably most political issues lesbiencestmoi and I disagree. But she contacted me with a terrific idea to show support for Terry Schiavo and her parents.

Please click here for lesbiencestmoi's blog, read today's post, and then do what she says!
I've contacted Hugh Hewitt in the hope that he'll broadcast the idea during his national radio show on Monday. Email any and all radio personalities you know and ask them to do the same.


(And thank you again debate08!)

Isaac B2 of Toner Mishap gives words to my otherwise inexpressible sadness:

To: People of Earth
From: God
Date: March 21, 2005
Subject: Stop

Knock it off, all of you.
Seriously; what the hell?

-- God

Zeroing in on the topic at hand, Lesbiencestmoi tops him:

I have such sadness right now. I am tired and frustrated. I am sick of hearing that Terri is a political pawn, I am sick every time I think of Terri being killed at the hand of her supposed care givers, with the support of our courts, and while the world watches. I am sick because we are officially a people who feel that our weak, sick, debilitated, incapacitated, and....inconvenient are expendable and can be extinguished.

(Anticipatory Retaliation Alert: If you've come here because this is a Catholic blog, and you're offended by my linking to and quoting a lesbian--go comment somewhere else.
And bite me.)

Mystery Achievement

(To "someguy" at MysteryAchievement - I am sure it wasn't easy to do this...thank you so much)

Paul at Wizbang is incensed.
The Blogging, Part-Time Airman is incensed.
Megan of Lesbiencestmoi is incensed.

A lot of people are ticked off about this - what can be accomplished by ignoring our humanity to quibble about how we go about and save a life? Or, for that matter, let a runaway judge decide the fate of a woman by ordering that she starve to death?


March 20, 2005

MORE on "Symbolic Stand for Terri"

Regarding the post below about sending boxes of food and water to Woodside Hospice for symbolic support of Terri...

First, don't worry about it going to waste. Remember there are other patients there who could probably use what is sent, or we could maybe arrange for the food to be picked up later by a local shelter.

I just placed an order through NETGROCER. The scheduled delivery date is ON OR BEFORE WEDNESDAY. I wish it were sooner, but this is the first place I found that does grocery delivery there (they do it everywhere). Hopefully, by Wednesday she'll have feeding restored, anyway!
Shipping charges are $9.99, and in case you're wondering, I ordered a bunch of water, Jello, pudding, Ensure, and juice. Not that they're going to actually feed it to her (unfortunately), but it seems relevant at least!

Blogs For Terri
My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

(Dear, dear Beth...you have been so wonderful to me and you were so strong for Terri. Whatever it was that I had to contribute to this was lifted up and shared with so many because of you. HUGS to my right-winger friend forever, from your leftie lesbo friend forever)



Beth said...

You are such a DOLL, such an amazing woman! Thank YOU not only for all you did for Terri, but also for ALL of us, by really bringing us all together and seeing past what really are trivial differences.

Catch! I'm throwing a hug through the internet to ya! :-D

Beth said...

Oh yeah, you like that new avatar? hehehe

Maggie said...

have been wondering what happened to RD.
Thanks for making this particular post. We are women who are united despite all of our differences.

You are one really good woman. Never forget that.

BTW my own sister passed away on May 7 due to bone cancer. I did not know of her illness until the end of March and even then I never did find out the primary cause of the cancer. She was 52, just two years older than myself.

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Dear Maggie

It is wonderful to hear from you.

Maggie, I am so saddened to hear about your sister. I send you strength and hope as you work through such a difficult time.

My twin sister was just this past month diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer so we begin a huge battle.

I have not heard from RD in a while now either. I miss him. But, let's go over to his site and maybe we can email him from there


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