06 May 2006

Little Blue And Red Boxes

I believe my readers know me as a political dissenter and an outspoken voice from the left. I am so because my political proclivities very naturally subscribe me to the liberal tenets. However, that is not a one-size-fits-all absolute. I will not sacrifice independent thought in the interest of being a good liberal soldier. As strongly as I have and will battle against the radical right, I welcome times where right and left can meet. When did so many start resisting that instead of facilitating it? When did so many go willingly into those little blue and red boxes, hypnotically agreeing to support that which fell inside their box and oppose anything outside of it. I find this to be a fairly pervasive mentality among the strongly politically motivated.

I am not insulting anyone here. I say that clearly because the response I expect from this is mainly arguments as to which side is more guilty of this. That of course proves my point. I more want to convey that, as with all opinions I publish here, it is based on my body of experience and the conditions that exist in the spaces I occupy.

With no plan or agenda, I have often found myself outside of my little blue box, having made decisions on certain issues with no regard for what side of the aisle they fall on.

Without going into great detail on the particular issues, the most recent was my last piece on the oil industry. The discussion here has been wonderful but initial responses to it published elsewhere were angry ones from the left suggesting I "just call myself a red and go publish at RedState" and calling the piece "spamming for conservatives". Oh dear, in writing that piece I was definitely being a bad liberal. A more memorable example was the Terri Schiavo case. I'm sure all of us recognize the many legal and moral intricacies surrounding Terri Schiavo's life and death. None of them escaped me and I could not condone the killing of this woman and fiercely fought against it.

This was not me yielding to the "conservative position". It was MY passionately held position. Many on "my side" castigated me for that. And again, their main argument? How could any respectable liberal take a conservative position like this? It was mind numbing really to have accusations of being a bad liberal so far over-shadow the issue itself. Many on the right just considered me some sort of fraud. As if to say, how could this liberal, lesbian, tree-hugging democrat agree with us on anything - we are not going to listen to her. These were groups that made decisions based on the box - solely on a prescribed ideology. But an interesting dynamic occurred with a small group from the right and a small group from the left. We marveled at the joining. It was like suddenly having this odd new friend and there were a million new and fresh things to talk about. Even our differences became just that - differences, not divides. And the voice behind our battle became stronger and somehow more validated.

These small groups from both sides are now my centrists. They can be left or right. The distinction being they don't live in those boxes. They represent a place where the two sides can meet and work, not to win their argument but in accord for progress.

The Aim of an Argument ... should not be victory, but progress. ~Joseph Joubert~ (1754-1824) (A French philosopher whose aim was to note in terse and clear sentences the necessity, utility, and beauty of virtue.)


Tara said...

The world if full of little boxes that divide our nation. As for these boxes... If I must be a certain color then I will be purple. All aboard the purple box.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE that end quote you added in there! I think I'll use it in class tomorrow. -- Jessada.

Ben said...

"The purpose of argument is to change the nature of truth."
- Frank Herbert

Ben said...

Damn that sounded serious. I think I may have sprained my wit. What's the cure for that? Nudity, right?

Sapphoria / Megan said...

HA, yes dear, nudity usually does the trick. Now rest (nude of course) and test your wit again tomorrow to see that is once again fully functional. What can I say...you don't visit here without taking some risk baby!

The GTL™ said...

What an excellent post, Megan! Keep up the great work, my friend. Like you, I will never sacrifice my right to remain an independent liberal thinker, and an independent guy in general. I will not be enslaved by any party; nobody's correct 100% of the time. Blog ON and keep up the fantastic work...

utenzi said...

You're quite right Megan. Any political issue seems to aquire "purists" that will not allow anyone to leave the camp unscathed. Conservatives and liberals, of course, but even smaller groups like Greenpeace, the Women's Movement, PETA or just your local PTA. Step out of line with any organization these days and you'll get blasted.

Democracy? Plurality of ideas? LOL

Anonymous said...

You are conflicted in your article. Let me help you.... your colors are red, blue and white. By the latter, I do not mean socialist white...you are an American, through and through. This is a wonderful counry filled with interesting, yes, often conflicted people. I detest the idea of red and blue. Even as the politicians deconstrust it to congressional districts and ridings. Each America has a red streak and a blue streak...but always with a white streak.

First and foremost, we are all Americans. We all want what is best for this country. Well, all those except the lunatic fringe. Unfortunately, the networks pander to them in the same way they cover a car crash. The most American and unAmerican act is to divide the country in red and blue states. It appeals to our competitiveness. In America, there needs to be a winner and a loser. Even the National Hockey League, that thorouhly Canadian game realized that. Ties are now for soccer. We demand resolution. We need a decision.... but it is unAmerican because as you have said it disavows free thought. We are independent thinkers..all of us. We will not agree on every issue but we will agree our role is ti protect the constitution.

We all know how we felt on 9/11.

I am extremely blessed in that I travel a great deal. Thus, I am able to speak from experience, here. Despite my blue streak, I am at ease with reds..and they are at ease with me. We find that common ground. always. We respectfully agree to disagree. I ahve come to appreciate their values more and more. No, I have not changed my values.

Also, the red/blue divide is actually very fragile. How else can you have a president and congress with such low approval ratings... well Americans are not afraid to voice their opinions. Someone's colors changed. So, let the politicians and pundits have their red and blue....it makes for lively conversation but not very productive. All we need to do is rememnber we are red, white and blue.

I hope more people read your blog and come to the same conclusion. Your blog is exactly what this country needs... it represents the kaleidoscope that is this great country. Let's pray we never fpget who we are.

Thank You

Beth said...

OMG, Megan, it's been too long since I've been here.
You are truly a bright spot in this cesspool they call the blogosphere. There are far too many people who believe they have to follow the slogans and mob mentality! I catch hell on my side, too, because I'm not running with the pack on the immigration issue (I can't stand even mentioning it, I'm so sick of it). And of course there's always some other issue that's driving me crazy because of the idiotic "blog buzz."

It's LATE right now, but I'll be back to read through more tomorrow. :-)

Missed you!

Sapphoria / Megan said...

MY BETH!!!!!

I was beginning to think I would never hear from you again. How wonderful to see you here!

[she pensively says...] Umm, Beth? You will notice some changes to my place here, now stay calm. If I know you, I expect everything from "ohhh, Megan - that is really great stuff" TO "SHIT MEGAN, WHAT THE F' IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN".

Well, if anyone is going to give me a swift kick and big kiss...I say let it be Beth!

SO good to see you, girl!


Anonymous said...

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