09 October 2006

History In The Making - North Korea Launches Nuke Test

It looks like the White House has just now confirmed the launch of North Korea's first nuclear weapons test.

The news is just breaking now but it went from an unconfirmed statement from North Korea, to verification of seismic activity recorded, and followed by confirmation from the State Department just now at near midnight EST.

The US had issued warnings to North Korea claiming there would be "stern unspecified consequences" to this action.

North Korea further politicized the brazen move by giving notice--a 20 minute warning to the test as if to say "I'll do it just because you said I couldn't".

All eyes will most certainly be on Washington through the night and tomorrow.

UPDATE: 12:21 am

USGS now says the tremors caused by the blast were stronger than first thought. They say now they produded 4.2 magnitude tremors 240 miles N.E. of Pyongyang at zero depth.

South Korea military now on high alert.

Sr Bush official now confirms to FOX News that the nuclear device was tested.

UPDATE: 12:34 AM

President Bush is expected to make an announcement tonight - time unknown.

UPDATE: 1:10 am

It is now reported that Sr Bush officials are saying likely punishment will be to push for strong chapter 7 resolution that will make it illegal for UN member states to transfer WMD technology to N. Korea and much stronger punitive measures but not against the oil sector.


The timing on that might be a little off. I can't help but sum up this administration's foreign policy and strategy. We fight a war on terror by pulling out of the geographical core of the terror group that attacked us on 9-11, we abandon opportunities to capture or kill the leader of that group. We do this to move militarily against a sovereign nation with no justifiable reason or logic. We bluster at Iran for developing nuclear technology. They are either rightfully developing nuclear energy sources or a nuclear weapon (in its very early stages). In any event, we rattle our sabers at them with no apparent intention to follow through on threats of sanctions.

And while this administration has been obscenely squandering our political, diplomatic and military capital...a nuclear device has been detonated in our global community.

UPDATE: 1:36 am (from the White House as reported by FOX News)

The President has not yet made a public statement but FOX reports word from the White House is - "We consider this a provocative and intolerable act in defiance of the international community. The U.N. Security council will take immediate action. White House is talking to S. Korea and China as to what the response should be."

The strongest response now comes from S. Korea saying "We cannot tolerate the test and will respond sternly to it."

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peter said...

The US has very little credibility on this regard. It is the only country in the world which dropped an atomic bomb (2 in fact). If it wants to stop other nations from producing nuke bombs, it should lead in dismantling its own.

The GTL™ said...

Wow... it's taken me a couple of days to be able to post a comment here - really slow loading for some reason - probably my hotel's wireless ISP or something.

First - thank you for your coverage of this. Second - I just wanted to hug you back, Megan! Kudos and good thoughts and prayers to my favorite lesbian bloggerette! We're going to take our country back, Megan... just you watch, my friend :-)

It's a great time to be a "Liberal", I'll tell ya that. U.S.A, bayyyy-bayy!!!!