16 November 2006

And They Thought Winning Would Be The Tough Part

We are inundated from the right with statements like "see, they wanted to cut and run but now it's a different story", "see we were right all along." This was, on the part of the Republicans, actually utter stupidity or brilliant strategy. Let me remind the right of something...the republicans MADE UP the whole "cut and run" thing. Dems never said that. They said the war, at its foundation was not justified. They demanded an exit strategy, they demanded we stop this "victory" rhetoric and start addressing the real problem and make a plan to have Iraq now stand on its own. "Cut and run" is a Republican creation. Got it now - or do I need to say it again slowly?

And it doesn't stop there.

That completely unhinged Sean Hannity has been ranting hysterically since the elections about all the horrific things Dems have said about Republicans and the President. Well Sean, first, see a doctor and get yourself on a sedative before a blood vessel bursts, and second, - WAKE UP (or as Bill O' is so fond of saying - stop drinking the Kool-Aid). You Republicans are brutal and ruled with a very sharp tongue. The truth is, both sides will have a venomous tone but listen to yourself, claiming some altruistic position. Give me a break already. Even if we considered ONLY Ann Coulter's rhetoric your side zooms past the left in the nasty column.

How about FOX coining the phrase "San Francisco Liberal" describing Nancy Pelosi? Kind? Fair? Just? You guys are just full of sugar and spice, aren't you? How dare you hiss through pursed lips "San Francisco Liberal" with such disdain. Let's just call it Homo-Francisc-istan and seek ways to kill those residing there. I am sure King Bush could find a way to justify that in his self-proclaimed executive powers. We could tattoo their arms with a bar code to be sure they cannot escape identification as a Homo-Francisc-istan Liberal. Or perhaps you might settle for a constitutional amendment banning all rights to residents there. How dare you ostracize San Francisco. Is this still America? Does the right now want to parse out those sections of America they find acceptable?

The Right wants a fight even if they get their way.

Nancy Pelosi has "taken impeachment off the table". That is the current position. Can the right just accept this as a temporary win and quiet their ranting for one second? Nope. All we hear is how this is a ruse and the Dems will do nothing but gun for this administration because they are not capable of anything more than retaliation. I can tell you the Dems sure consider that a win for the other side. Many of us are quite disappointed. Let me give the right another dose of reality. Most believe in accountability. Investigating the actions of this administration does not spell doom for the Democratic party, or for their chances in '08. Hardly, how can it when so many expect that accountability? I don't speak only for myself. Polling shows the unavoidable voice of Americans who call for that accountability - through hearings and eventually impeachment. The reality is, I (everyday Ms American citizen) cannot get out of a parking ticket, it is unjust to let this administration's actions go unchecked.

Let me tell you something about Democrats.

We are, often times, the first to speak up when we are disappointed by our party. The latest chum filling the waters in a Republican shark feeding frenzy is Murtha. Nancy Pelosi has sent a letter endorsing Murtha for majority leader. There are far too many ethical questions surrounding Murtha and with such, it was a poor decision on Pelosi's part to make this type of move right out of the gate. Serious Democrats will call her to mat on this. Look at any respectable commentary on the left or in the left leaning blogosphere...we are not pleased and we are the first to say it.

And such is the business of politics.

Everyone is playing. Not just Republicans and not just Democrats. They are all in the "business of politics". I wanted this change not so I could see "D" ruling Congress but because change was needed. Because history shows the need for balance. There is never a permanent winner - just a very natural balance of power.

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Courtney said...


hehe, beautiful.

The GTL™ said...

Megan... BIG HUG!!!!!

Agree with the post (of course), but thought I'd swing by to congratulate you for being a FINALIST for the Best Centrist Blog in the 2006 Weblog Awards!

Best of luck to you, my friend! It is a great honor to be a co-finalist with you. Win or lose, we've both already won :-)

Another HUG!

Blog ON, my buddette!