14 January 2007

About C'est Moi Citizen Media

About C'est Moi Citizen Media


C'est Moi Political Blog

C'est Moi Political Blog was launched in 2004 and has undergone many transitions. It is an individual blog managed and authored by myself, Megan Donovan. I plan to periodically feature guest bloggers but I have always seen this as my place. Much as C'est Moi translated is "it is I", so shall my blog remain...I.

The blog was originally Lesbiencestmoi, some of you may have gotten to me and the blog under that moniker. I have a penchant for pontificating on politics (oh, I love that line), and although I am proud of my lifestyle and community, I felt some of my message was getting lost in labeling mine a "lesbian blog". It was then I became simply, C'est Moi.

I also passionately believe in the potential of the blogosphere as a viable media. As more and more grow disenchanted with the mainstream media, they look to the blogosphere as source for what is real and not bought and paid for. There is bias, tons of it, but there is powerful truth in this citizen media. With support of this medium in mind, C'est Moi Citizen Media was launched as the business behind the blog.

The blog tagline, from a position left of center with a 360 degree view has consummate truth to it. I do lean quite left of center but there are two key elements to my politics that become clear in reading my writing:

1. I believe my readers know me as a political dissenter and an outspoken voice from the left. I am so because my political proclivities very naturally subscribe me to the liberal tenets. However, that is not a one-size-fits-all absolute. I will not sacrifice independent thought in the interest of being a good liberal soldier. As strongly as I have and will battle against the radical right, I welcome times where right and left can meet. When did so many begin resisting that instead of facilitating it? When did so many go willingly into those little blue and red boxes, hypnotically agreeing to support that which fell inside their box and oppose anything outside of it. I find this to be a fairly pervasive mentality among the strongly politically motivated. This has caused a few problems for me in the blogosphere, but I'm a tough broad and I can handle it. As extraordinary as the blogosphere is, it does take on much of our culture characteristics, especially politically. It is very polarized.

2. I long for the all but dead art of debate. We don't debate in this country any more. I love the energy it requires to grasp a concept from a perspective other than my own. I almost always learn something and I place an extraordinarily high value on that.

"I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me." Dudley Field Malone (1882-1950)

America was built on the wounds of dissenters. To take up that task when it is called for is the most wholly patriotic thing we can do. Our memories are short because today, to dissent against the political power of the moment is branded as evil and treasonous.

There was indeed a time when great thinkers, great patriots, and impassioned citizens would sit in opposition, but as reasonable men do with a desire to digest every conceivable aspect of an issue and debate in the interest of progress.

We have traded the reason and sublime intellect behind the art of debate for the utter castigation and character assassination of anyone who takes an opposing position. Those before us, who took up the art of debate as a life mission, left us an incredible legacy - our strength, our pride, our Constitution, our democracy. How silly and ineffectual we would seem to them if they could see us now with our eyes closed and fingers in our ears whining "you are evil and stupid...I can't hear you."

If I can’t inspire the greatness of what was once honorable debate, it is my hope to have passionate, yet reasonable discourse exist here.


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