30 January 2007

White House Again Beats Down The Truth-Tellers

The White House has had their knee in the gut of US government scientists, pressuring them to alter writings and reports to support this administration's denial of global warming and its potential impact. The Union of Concerned Scientists told members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that their investigations found our top scientists struggling to get out from under the White House pressure. That investigation uncovered more than 400 incidents. For six months, The House Committee has attempted to have the White House supply documents needed to investigate the allegations - they have not been provided.

The ability to face off against the evidence and deny global warming is becoming an increasingly difficult position to take. For the purpose of this point, let us not debate the scientifically proven issue of global warming. Why is this administration so determined to hide the truth? The fact is, this administration doles out "reality" in a mold shaped by personal-political agenda. Everyone on this planet should be able to say I get it, I don't get it...I believe it, I don't believe it, but no matter the opinion we hold, we have the resources to find the truth. People...this is our life providing planet. This is not a sound-bite for us to scream over. What harm comes to the naysayer by demanding the truth?

I'll challenge Bush here. I am a pretty creative marketer, President Bush. Oh, I'm not sure how I will do it, but I will put together a campaign that effectively blames terrorists for global warming - perhaps then you will unchain our brilliant government scientists and stop criminally censoring the truth.

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