21 March 2007

GRRRRRRRRRR - Them's Fightin' Words!

It would appear a nerve was struck in the disgruntled cowboy when he faced off in front of the camera and drew his line in the sand over the dismissal of 8 US Attorneys.

We will see the confrontation unfold a bit more today but Bush made what can only be described as defiant statements yesterday. He espoused his unbending support of Gonzalez (much like the statements of support offered to Rummey before he was shown the door).

Bush snarled out accusations of partisan politics and said that although he will allow presidential adviser Karl Rove, former White House counsel Harriet Miers and others to be "interviewed" privately, with no official record and not under oath, he would not allow his top aides to testify under oath.

Ok, the President wants us to believe that he is offering "unprecedented" disclosure, complete and legitimate explanations for what happened...as long as they can offer it in limited company, with limited and only specific questions, off the record, and without swearing to tell the truth? Well, that certainly inspires the type of confidence we have grown accustomed to with this administration.

Bush's argument is that this cannot be allowed because aides to the President have to know they can advise without the risk of being hauled before Congress to testify to their actions. Review that claim carefully. If one is ethically advising, they would never fear standing behind their actions. That statement says "I need aides to be able to advise me on less than ethical actions without fear of repercussion."

This is not a matter of national security (but I wouldn't be surprised if the Pres claimed this in short order). This is an administrative matter. What are they afraid of? Why can't they just have everyone hauled in, under oath and if what the President is saying is true, won't Congress look foolish. I'll tell you why. When this came under great scrutiny what did this administration then do? Immediately go into “lie your ass off” mode and began to renounce their complicity, lie about who orchestrated it and why and immediately say “this was not done for political reasons“. Mr. Bush, so many people who have your ear and no one mentioned to you that “political reasons” might be your most escapable response? As soon as you put their work ethic in question, you opened Pandora’s Box. What reality do you actually think you can rewrite here? You fired any US attorney who would not go along with your demands to push voter fraud after the elections. You used leeway you created for yourself in the Patriot Act to replace them without confirmation. You beautifully choreographed an action easily read as corrupt.

Your bed Mr. Bush - you have to [lie] in it.

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