22 April 2007

Vermont Senate: The People Have Spoken And The Word Is Given--IMPEACH

Yesterday, April 20, 2007, Vermont became the first state to approve a resolution calling on the U.S. House to launch proceedings to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice Pres. Dick Cheney.

This is a promising example of power to the people. In a time when we might feel overwhelmed and powerless, this precedent setting event should spur our faith in the power of each individual American voice.

Brattlerouser with vtimpeach.com, a resource for the Vermont Impeachment Movement says, "When we were told by the Democratic leadership in the Vermont legislature that there was no chance of impeachment action being taken by them, we refused to acquiesce and instead flooded the Statehouse demanding that they listen to their constituents and honor the Constitution."

Published: Friday, April 20, 2007
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders and Representative Peter Welch issued the following statement in regard to the Vermont Senate's impeachment resolution:

"As Vermont's representatives to Congress we fully understand and share the frustration and anger of Vermont legislators and many Vermonters with the Bush administration - one of the worst and most destructive in American history.

"Currently, for the first time since President Bush has been in office, there are a number of investigations taking place regarding the actions of the Bush administration, including how and why we invaded Iraq, no-bid contracts, the firing of U.S. attorneys by the attorney general, the assault on constitutional rights and the use of Republican Party emails in the White House. Before we talk about impeachment, it is imperative that these investigations be allowed to run their course and we should then follow wherever the facts lead.

"In the meantime, in our view, the people of Vermont want us to focus our attention on such issues as ending the war in Iraq, protecting the needs of our veterans, raising the minimum wage, addressing the crisis of global warming and providing health care to all of our citizens."

The underlying message in the delegation responses falls in line with the American demand for accountability but their "view" of what Vermont wants does not need to be re-worked or re-worded. Vermont's message here is made abundantly clear. Certainly, there are precursor investigations and although all of these are requisite actions, there is one ultimate recourse to use against a criminal administration. The number of American citizens willing to settle for nothing less is growing expedientially.

Those voices are being lifted up with the help of several amazing organizations. One of them is A28: Nationwide Impeachment Protests April 28, 2007. A28 hosts an interactive community of Americans demanding accountability. On April 28th they intend to have their voices heard. You can use their ImpeachMap to see actions already scheduled across the country. You can join an action in your area or start your own. These can be as small as making the IMPEACH statement by writing it on the sidewalk in chalk or as large as organizing 2,000 people on a beach to make a human mural. The theme of the day will be IMPEACH and the A28 community intends to spell it out across the nation on April 28th. There is still nearly a week to get involved. Visit A28 today and most importantly, reclaim and exercise your power.

Vermont now serves as a proof that it works. Impeachment resolutions are currently active in Hawaii, Missouri, New Jersey, and Washington. We can grow that list. Those who desire accountability need only be reminded that it starts with one unwavering voice, strengthened by a chorus of voices, empowered by a community united in voice, then a legislature that can no longer ignore it.

Where to go for regular updates and information:

C'est Moi Citizen Media is launching Americans For AccountabilityTM as its mechanism for tracking the national impeachment movement. Look for articles and resource information in our Americans For Accountability regular weekly feature.

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