13 May 2007

There Are None More Qualified To Speak--None Who Have Sacrificed More. We Should Listen

There are many BushSpeak mantras; few as frequently and robotically chanted as "We need to listen to our Generals on the ground". It makes perfect sense that this would be among his favorites. Our Generals possess the greatest authority with which to speak, and they are forced to say only what the President tells them to say. What a sweet and twisted little deal for this president; to make propaganda machines of some of the most honorable men in our nation.

General John Batiste served loyally for 30 years and was nearing his third star and the number 2 position in Baghdad when he made the painstakingly difficult decision to quit; unwilling to spend another day compromising his principles.

General Batiste is among many of those "we should listen to" who have escaped the confines of this administration and dedicate themselves to the truth.

The videos below demonstrate the effort underway by several retired senior military officers who detail a litany of lies, ill conceived war rationales, mismanagement, a marketing plan to go to war that was more important than validity, and a complete unwillingness to "listen" to those genuinely qualified.

Let's practice what the President only preaches.

In a targeted ad, financed by VoteVets.org, Retired General John Batiste openly challenges President Bush on his management of the war.

General John Batiste (Ret.) frankly discusses the realities of the Iraq war and the sacrifices he made to side with the truth.

In an interview with Amy Goodman on March 2, 2007, U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explains that the Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years.

The VoteVets.org ad done by General Wesley Clark (Ret.) with Iraq veterans - "Because Of Iraq"

General William Odom (Ret.) reviews some of the very real global consequences of this war.

General Tony Zinni discusses the WMD lies and a created war rationale with no strategic understanding of what they were getting us into.

Major General Paul Eaton was finally appointed to organize security in Iraq on May 9, 2003, almost 2 months AFTER the invasion began.

General David Petraeus, who by all accounts appears to be an exceptional and gifted military officer and strategist, is currently the President's "point to guy". What seems more likely? That when General Petraeus retires, he uses his regained freedom of speech in continued championship of this war -- or that we begin to hear the many truths he holds and has witnessed throughout this preposterous occupation of Iraq?

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The GTL™ said...

Thank you for doing this, Meggy. I felt a tear in the corner of my eye and you know why...

God Bless ya and thanks again.


Unknown said...

"...to make propaganda machines of some of the most honorable men in our nation."

Outstanding assimilation of facts and factors Cest Moi. I don't know how you manage to gather or garner this information- but your article is truly an eye opener. Adding the videos to the article was very thorough, indeed.


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