13 October 2004

Marriage-Human Right-Not A Heterosexual Privilege

Marriage Is A Human Right, Not a Heterosexual Privilege

The Constitution represents the bar we place on human rights. A profound document insuring that our differences bring us enlightenment and are never used a weapon of oppression.

The current efforts to rape the original intention of our Constitution is an outrage with far reaching implications that will go well beyond just stripping homosexuals of their inherent human rights. I implore people to look at this past their acceptance or non-acceptance of homosexuality. Trust that if our current administration is allowed to federally mandate how we love - using the Constitution to take rights away instead of insuring them, everyone will be at risk. Are you really willing to Constitutionally protect discrimination?

The Institution Of Marriage Does Not Need Protecting.

Homosexuals do not have designs on the institution of marriage. We do not form in large, underground groups and plan to take over your churches. Many of us practice our religion, exercise our faith and spirituality and we do that in places where we are embraced. We are not looking for a religious fight. This is a common mistake people make. They feel the homosexual "agenda" involves bombarding your churches and forcing the priest in a hundred year old Catholic Church to preside while two men walk the aisle. Or the Rabi aghast because he is meant to perform a traditional ceremony for a white Jewish woman and a black Buddhist woman. No, we don't want to rock your churches, beliefs, practices. Why on earth would we want those presiding over our unions to be those who detest our right to exercise that union? We have a far less radical agenda. We want, no we demand the right to express love and to be legal spouses. Such basic rights. To say that we do not have them is to say that the Constitution selectively protects human rights.

Consider first that....we are here. We are productive citizens, paying our taxes, starting businesses and providing jobs. We are active in our communities, politically motivated with a desire for unity, we make up a substantial demographic in the nation's economy. We are your friends and co-workers. We are coupling and raising open minded, aware and loving children. Now picture Mr & Mrs Heterosexual. When he romantically proposed, that was not followed by a conversation on where their marriage would be safe and legally recognized. I can assure you that Mrs. Heterosexual was never told that she is not fit and no longer has the legal right to raise a child - the most basic right given to a woman. When Mrs. Heterosexual has that health scare, I can assure you that Mr. Heterosexual is not told he may not see her because he is not a spouse or family member. Mrs. Heterosexual will also have the incredible luxury of being covered on Mr. Heterosexuals insurance policy. Mr & Mrs Heterosexual are fortunate indeed that when they consider the dreaded prospect of loosing their spouse - they are not also faced with the fact that they will then lose everything they own and have accumulated as a couple because the state does not recognize their assets as joint assets. If Mrs. Heterosexual passes away first, Mr Heterosexual will actually be able to keep his children.

Now, even if you don't agree with me, am I making my point? Gays and Lesbians - loving and life long couples are forced to struggle with these issues on a daily basis. Basic human rights---for some anyway.

There are currently laws in place that make the discrimination of Gays and Lesbians illegal. Have I ever - once been able to wrap myself in the protection that law is meant to offer
me? No.


Anonymous said...

I have a question and please know I am not trying to be rude or discriminatory in any way because it is not my style. And I am definitely NOT judging you. But, why is it that people who like same-sex relationships feel the need to share that fact? I guess my point is this. I also have a preference but I have never in my life thought I needed to share that with the world. My male cousin is gay and I love him dearly, his sexual preference is not my concern. However, as I told him. If people are giving you a hard time because you prefer the company of other males, then stop telling them about it. What goes on in my bedroom is private. He says he is ridiculed a lot because of his preference. Well, people wouldn't know it if he didn't feel the need to tell them constantly. I mean, I sure don't have a blog or site devoted to the fact that I am heterosexual. Does any of this make sense? Either way, I enjoyed your blog and will come back again.


Sapphoria / Megan said...

Dariana -

First let me thank you so much for responding to my blog. You are the first and I am just thrilled to have someone who has taken the time to mull over what I have written. Let me address your comments one at a time.

1. You seem to be a very aware and open minded person. From someone in a minority group, I so appreciate that.

2. On telling the world about my lesbianism. Dariana, I respectfully submit that heterosexuals really should probably take the rap for this. I cannot go to a grocery store, open a magazine, see a billboard, turn on the TV without seeing heterosexual sex implied somehow. In reality, it really is not homosexuals who are pushing their sexuality. Heterosexuals need to (even if just for a moment) take the sex out of the equation. Our relationships are not just about sex. It is the heterosexual community that is SO wrapped up in how we have sex, what we do in our bedrooms, etc. We want to be recognized as people, functioning members of society, responsible couples, parents. We do NOT want anyone focusing on what we do in our bedrooms.

3. Dariana, if you are in a relationship, don't you share that with your family, friends, anyone really? Sure you do. That is natural. We want nothing more than that. I should be able to express that joy over the significant other in my life as well.

4. We cannot just "not tell them". No one wants to feel like they have to hide or feel like they are ostracized. That is not natural and not fair. No, we don't have to take out advertisements (like heterosexuals do) but we do want to be able to say "this is the person I share my life with, the person I love, the person you should give the same respect to that you offer me. We should all be able to do that.

And then the last thing...

5. I hope this site does not seem singularly devoted to my sexual orientation. There are fights that I am waging right now - to just keep my constitutionally protected rights. So I will talk about that, sure. But as you see from my other entries here, I hope to provoke thought on many subjects.

Dariana, I plan on visiting your blog as well and I do hope you visit here again. Your thoughts were so welcome.

Libertarian of Pennsylvania said...

The Libertarian Party feels the government has no right to say who and who cannot get married. Libertarian believe that if same sex couples want to live and share assets together they should be allowed to do so without government interference

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