07 November 2004

Exit Polls and Voter Fraud?

All I ask is that the facts be reviewed. I am not in search of excuses, rationalizations or culprits. But in that, I will not ignore the facts of this election as they are uncovered. Let's look at this for just a moment thru an Occam's Razor type theory. Here you have a nation of votes to tally - approximately 110 million individual votes. These votes calculated on a state by state basis. These states are using different voting practices and methods and all of this is being done in a blink of a Tuesday. Ask yourself honestly...is the most logical and rational conclusion that this is accomplished with absolute accuracy or is the most logical and rational assertion that there exists a huge possibility for error. Now couple this with the fact that passion and tension is at an all time high. There is much at stake. The real powers controlling the voting process are not independent organizations but for-profit party affiliated organizations. Much of the process was left to computer software. We can trust results coming from a non-partisan machine, right? Unfortunately - wrong. Those results are of course subject to the integrity of those managing it. Now, I will tell you why I bring this up. Several states including Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Iowa use the Opti-Scan machines for taking and tabulating votes. Diebold uses the GEMS software to do this (software that has been shown to be easily manipulated due to the fact that our votes for the Presidential election were calculated on a simple Windows based PC).

Let's take the state in the hot seat as an example. In many Florida counties you find examples like: Madison County - Of the registered voters, 79.5% are DEM 14.9% are REP. Expected results based on exit polling was DEM 6,605 / REP 1,238 but the actual results were DEM 4,048 / REP 4,195. Translating into a change of DEM -38.7% and REP +238.8%. Someone could see this type of oddity in one or two instances and overlook it really. But this anomaly repeats over and over again. One is now forced to look at what the common denominator is. In EVERY instance, this occurs in counties where the Opti-Scan method of tallying votes is used. In every one, without fail. You can review these numbers yourself. Here is a table with all the election figures from Florida:

Exit polls are highly accurate and well trusted. To illustrate how well trusted they are, Thom Hartmann, while covering the election night live hears from the 12:20am Associated Press Radio News Feed, a reporter detail how Karen Hughes had earlier sat George Bush down to inform him the he had lost the election. The exit polls were clear. Kerry was winning by a landslide. Bush reportedly was stoic and had said nothing.

The results of our 2004 election as a whole defy reasonable explanation.


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