20 March 2006

Democracy Is Not A Process

Democracy is not a process. It is a cumulative mentality. It is a desire and a determination burning at the heart of a people.

Democracy will not be created by the wave of a mighty sword. It will not be created by painting a democratic face on a nation. It will not be created by the occupiers speaking it into microphones and cameras. It will not submit to the agenda of an occupier. It is bigger than that. What is true, real and miraculous about democracy is intangible. It cannot be touched and manipulated. It cannot be forced into existence by an outsider's bombs and guns.

Democracy rises gloriously from the sacrifices made in battles waged by those who desperately seek it. That is its only growth pattern. Absent that, democracy cannot and will not thrive.


Mom on the Run said...

Bravo! Beautiful. Great post.

ITS said...

Very nice tribute...

Now make sure you print that out and mail to your country's vice president... ;-)


Oh, and democracy is not for everybody. Some societies are better off under dictatorial regimes.

Redjalapeno said...

This is a very exact assesment of democracy.

A couple of things:
a) America is a very very young nation and democracy is evolving. It will undergo many changes as that progression occurs.

b) the current admin that touts democracy as their tag line is not interested in true democracy at all, what they're after is control.
Control of oil, of money, of this nation, and of others.

c) democracy will destroy them

There could be a mild debate over whether or not democracy is a process. I would submit that there is process in the forming and evolution of democracy, but that democracy itself is not a process. If one were to analyze further, one could call democracy a process.
That is a mild debate and one that is almost pointless.

I can say along with you though, that the current process in which democracy is being crammed down Iraq's throat is neither democratic or the proper process in which to allow democracy to flourish.

Nice site, have a nice day.

dana said...

interesting post.

Anonymous said...

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