12 May 2006

FOX Top Story

This is sure not earth shattering, but...

With the war in Iraq
With the standoff with Iran
With the discovery that this administration wants us to believe nearly every American household has suspected links to Al Qaeda...

Yesterday, FOX proudly poses the question: What is the top story of day? (add super special graphics and music)

American Idol

Yep. The shocking turn of events on an entertainment game show was yesterday's top news story.

Is it FOX? Is it their viewers? Is it simply evidence of the minute percentage of Americans who are truly engaged and interested in what the hell is happening in their country?


Michele said...

People don't care about the
big picture,they're so caught
up in their itty bitty world.
It's all about me mentality,
as long as i feel good that's
all that matters.Here by way
of bm,stop by for a visit.

Anonymous said...

I watched FOX news once to have them break into the live coverage of a missing teen to go to a taped interview with Gretcha and the super model Petra that "braved the torrent of the tsunami".

She was asked the hard hitting questions like.. "is it hard to be so beautiful?"

I don't stand on the left or the right, but I have to admit FOX news bothers the hell out of me.

Unknown said...

As regards your questions...my guess is it's Number Three.

Anonymous said...

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