12 May 2006

Qwest - The ONLY one to Just Say No

Qwest - the only major player who said NO to spying.

Qwest's top executives and lawyers were concerned about the legal issues, consumer privacy issues and possible fines that might be assessed if customer information was inappropriately turned over to the NSA.

Through the cooperation by the other three carriers, the NSA had the country covered except for parts of Qwest's 14-state local phone region.

The NSA reportedly put pressure on Qwest by suggesting its lack of cooperation not only could harm national security but possibly affect the company's ability to get classified work with the government.

Of course Qwest was threatened, are we surprised?

Qwest stood up against the big bully and stood squarely on the side of their customer. Please don't take lightly what Qwest has done. They were under enormous pressure and still decided to protect the privacy of their customers, and decided not to be a part of blurring the lines of legality.

Here is some information on Qwest and I encourage all to look into switching. It looks like there is limited service area, but it would be best for you to go to the site and complete the form indicating service type and area to get exact information.

Qwest Website

Approximately 40,000 employees
770,000 wireless customers
1.48 million DSL customers
4.778 million long-distance customers
Approximately 14.7 million access lines
More than 155,000 route miles of fiber optic network capacity

Qwest Headquarters

1801 California St
Denver, CO 80202
phone: (303) 992-1400
fax: (303) 992-1724

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Chairman and CEO
Richard C. Notebaert

Board of Directors
Richard C. Notebaert
Linda G. Alvarado
Philip F. Anschutz
Charles L. Biggs
Dane Brooksher
Cannon Y. Harvey
Peter S. Hellman
Wayne W. Murdy
Frank P. Popoff
James A. Unruh

Media Contact
Qwest News Bureau
(800) 256-1410

Qwest Products and Services Factsheet (download link for PDF file)