19 May 2006

Hayden Would Run The CIA With The Expectation Of Impunity?

There is much review of these confirmation hearings to follow but I wanted to single out this point.

"It's time to move past what seems to me to be an endless picking apart of the archaeology of every past intelligence success or failure," Hayden said. "CIA officers . . . deserve recognition of their efforts, and they also deserve not to have every action analyzed, second-guessed and criticized on the front pages of the morning paper."

Well that about "confirms" it for me. Who in their right mind would want anyone at the head of the CIA who states so clearly that the agency "deserves" a free pass on any and all actions? No one should analyze their actions? Do not presume to second-guess them? The CIA is a conduit for the long arm of the administration. I don't think anyone would argue with that. They follow orders. And they are under some blanket of impunity? Why doesn't he just come out and say "The CIA is bigger than all of you and I would sit at the helm as master of all secrets and wield my power at the pleasure of the President without you pesky journalists bothering me with some silly issue of legality"

He goes on to say that he, of course, agrees with a level of accountability but that, General Hayden, is an empty statement when your (the agency's) actions are consistent with the wishes of the administration and the administration is grossly unfamiliar with being forthright. You don't tell Congress (in any real way) what you are up to. That leaves only the media as well as other American citizens to hold you accountable and we will.

Do not tell me I don't have the right to question you.

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