15 May 2006

Welcome To My New Renter!

Squib of "Shooting In The Dark" was a very easy decision for me. Before I even really looked through the blog I see "rabid online poker player". Me too, Me too! (I am a shameful addict). Then I see "marketing professional". Wow, two for two now! Although, I am careful about mentioning that I run a small marketing / merchant services firm - Marketers are persona non grata lately. Where ever did we go wrong? Then I see "politically active". Well, that seals it.

I love that he devotes a small post to a Bush quote that still slays me. When Bush was asked what the best moment of his Presidency was, he said: "I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5 pound perch in my lake," (scroll down a bit to his post "Another Great Moment during the "W" Presidency").

Don't miss his "4 Years ago today" post. Here he talks to us about losing his father. He is so wonderfully honest about his relationship with his father; how siblings have the same parents but far different relationships with them; the complications of family dynamics; and sacrifices that were made in navigating the loss.

Yes, this too struck a very familiar chord with me but can be appreciated by all.

Shooting In The Dark has so much to offer. Squib is politically motivated but his blog is not myopic. His tag line is "represents the random thoughts of a man who is beginning to move slightly to the other side of the fulcrum of life." You can feel him doing this with a variety of tones - serious thoughts, honesty, wit, humor and soft sarcasm.

Pay him a visit...I am very glad I did.

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Squib aka TwistedOreo said...

Wow, very kind words.
Thank you