22 July 2006

The Arab Unification Movement?

Arabs are gravitating toward their historic track of unifying in the interest of a common ideology. And it is important to truly understand that these ideological aspirations are largely religious and not political. For the Arab nations, the price for a democratic society is a commitment to peace. Do we really see coming to fruition, an Arab nation that trades an ingrained ideological governance for a political structure that opposes it? It would be wonderful, if possible. The reality being, this notion has great power in theory - and near impossible hurdles in practical application. We are surgically implanting democracy and the body Arab is rejecting it.

It is simply a fact that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has changed the landscape in the Arab nations, re-igniting their ultimate goal to obliterate Israel and militant goals to spread the disease that is terrorism. Even moderate Arab states are already riding the fence and beginning to fall squarely on the side of Arab demand to rise up against Israel and the United States.

A highly significant dynamic is occurring now in Iraq. Perhaps they are an Arab nation before and above being a newborn democracy. Sunni Arabs are prioritizing their opposition to Shiite and their grander ideology that denies Israel's right to exist. The grander ideology is winning. Hamas has joined with Hezbollah as Sunni militants are now likely to do. Iraqis are taking to the streets with banners that read "Shiites and Sunnis unite". The Iraqi Prime Minister minces no words in denouncing Israel. The 275 member Iraqi Parliament - united in denouncing Israel and making claims that they will not "sit by with folded hands". This detour by Iraqi officials spells out a clear unification - not as a U.S. ally but in a huge separation from U.S. policy regarding Israel.

We certainly had, at one time, provided building blocks for Osama Bin Laden, as well as Saddam Hussein. Have we now trained Iraq to rise up with Arab militants against Israel? Will that lead to the fall of another attempt at forced democracy in the middle-east?


Bob Higgins said...

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Sapphoria / Megan said...

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the link, I will add yours here today. I love your site.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

The dynamics in the Middle East are fascinating. 40 years ago, the Ba'athist Party in Iraq and Syria was a secular "progressive" movement which brought about much social, agricultural and infrstructure change.
But that was when Saddam was Vice-President of Iraq. When the President of Iraq (his aging cousin, General Ahmed Bakr) wanted to transfer power to the Syrian leader of the Baath Party, Saddam led a bloodless coup, but his greed and corruption took him down a much different path...

Today, I see Shiites and Sunnis uniting against the US and Israel. Most of the extremists don't recognize Israel's right to exist. As a result, we're faced with the Islamic concept of the House of War (as opposed to the House of Islam). Since I am not a practicing Muslim, I am considered a part of the House of War and should be beheaded...(according to the Wahhabi-Salafists [fundamentalists])

At times, it just amazes to me that we share a common religious background with Islam!


Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,

My latest post is, I think, relevant to this subject.


You may or may not agree with my ultimate conclusion...

Keep up the good works!



Sapphoria / Megan said...

6pence, hello. I just realized you commented here, thank you. I will read your piece this evening. Agree or not, I am sure it will be a great read. Your insight is pretty impressive.

EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

By invading Iraq Bush and his cronies have successfully kept Iraqi oil off the market thereby trippling the price of oil and the profits of the real powers that be behind the American Government. Also Bush has accomplished the unification of all the Shihite Arabs from Iraq to Syria to Iran to Indonesia. All at the cost of one trillion dollars or more to the American taxpayer. It is remarkable to think that 19 men with box cutters could accomplish that the United States would actually cripple itself more than any attack of any foreign enemy. Yes the rednecks and the dumbed down American masses are still cheering, but the threatened collapse of the American dollar and American dependence on China investing in Amrican debt is just an omen of things to come. The fanatic Republican Christian right is drooling at nuclear war with Iran, and China and Russia will pick up the pieces. Considering that the Americans have killed millions in recent years, the only question remaining is when the eventual retribution comes, if ten million American dead will suffice to end a war with no end. I doubt it!

EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

addendum: please insert the word MUSLIM for ARAB.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your point about China leveraging the U.S. economy out from under us. As for the rest, my answer is to end the two-party system in this country; it focuses people's energy and anger wastefully.
For example: A left-leaning person might dislike Wal Mart for the way it doesn't take care of its employees and sees human abuses there. A right-leaning person might dislike Wal Mart for being China's bitch because 90% of the stuff in there is Made in China. If the two parties ever came together they might seriously influence Wal Mart's practices, but because of this blue state -red state mentality (like you have) things will just come up empty time after time.
Also, Iraq has had an opportunity now to start standing up for itself - but once again they have chosen the low road. Those oil fields are there for their revenue; if they would start behaving they could all be happier and really use that money to improve their lives. But lets see - oh yeah Shiite and Sunni - geez look another two party system kinda?

Anonymous said...
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