05 August 2006

A Bunch Of Pathetic Victimization Junkies

I am so sick of hearing about this Mel Gibson issue. It even angers me that it is so grotesquely over-played I feel the need to blog on it when there are REAL and IMPORTANT things happening in our world. Before I get started I want to say to anyone tempted to go bonkers on me - of course the comments made were terrible but are we so disgustingly hungry for public stonings that we can become completely irrational. Another day or two and I fully expect Mel Gibson to be added to the axis of evil. We so desperately need to be victims that we now feel justified in naming Mel Gibson our new nemesis. The new face of hate---Mel Gibson. We have real hate to worry about. Real hate and oppression that needs attention.

Mr. Gibson made horribly inappropriate comments ---- WHEN HE WAS DRUNK.

He was skied people. He was in a holding pattern 30 thousand feet above Malibu and THAT is the bar by which we are going to judge someone's character? Are you kidding me? I suppose our decision as to what lengths we will go to chew him up and spit him out is helped along by the incessant discussion on it in the media. We are talking about everything from what precise apology might save him from the angry mob to the "impact" his comments will have on our current tense political and military climate. Has the world just gone completely mad? Oh, and I loved this one...I listened to a 20 friggin' minute debate on "isn't alcohol really a truth serum". Let me do something really nutty here and interject a little REALITY. I am talking to here to anyone who has ever put on a good drunk. I am SO SURE you woke up the next morning and said, "You know what, I am going to get stinking bombed every single night! I am amazed at how well I presented the very best of myself! And aside from telling that guy who kindly placed the bar stool back under my ass that if I held his penis I would be able to see his aura, I was so honest!! Ohhh, I cannot believe the insightful truths that flowed from my mouth (over the straw I was tying in a knot with my tongue." YEAH, people really present their very best selves and are oh so honest when they are drunk off their butts.

Mel Gibson hurt himself. He made many awful and dangerous choices that night. From falling of the wagon (which is sad in itself), to getting behind the wheel, to comments he made to an officer in drunken anger. Is it impossible for us to have any compassion at all that something (which would be kept private for any of us) is so publicly displayed in mind-numbing detail? He is undoubtedly feeling ashamed, unbelievably embarrassed and so disappointed in himself. He will suffer the consequences of this act without our chanting for a lynching.

Most of us have had shameful moments - very regrettable moments. Have they been offered up for public consumption? Have they been further ignited by being played out on cable news every hour? And would YOU have deserved and needed that in order to pay the price for it?

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Tara said...

Hello Hello.... I just love it when you get on your soap box!! Just dropped in to say hello and that I am back online and blogging.

The GTL™ said...

I love it when she's on her soapbox, too. Megan, you absolutely RAWK, my friend ;-)

I have just been shaking my head over this whole "Mel Gibson" thing... what a bunch of hypocrites; most of them probably having had more embarrassing "One time I was drunk and I..." stories than Gibson ever dreamed of having.

When people are drunk... their speech should get an automatic "pass". Not that they shouldn't have to apologize for embarrassing, drunken statements - they should - but that's all that should be required. "I'm sorry, I was such a doomas. I was drunk obviously." "No problem, and yes, you were a doomas" End of story.

People can theororize all they want about whether or not you are the "real you", the "fake you", etc., when you're drunk, but the fact is... scientifically speaking... adding intoxicating chemicals to one's body does indeed change the chemical makeup of the body (even if ever so slightly), which to ME means... you do actually become a different person with a different chemical composition when you're drunk, stoned, etc.

But hey... that's just common sense. And we wouldn't expect common sense to apply when there's an agenda to be reaching for, would we? What was I thinking ;-)

Blog ON, my friend :-)

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