09 July 2006

Frisch Attack On Jeff At Protein Wisdom

I am coming into this debacle a little late (in Internet terms), but have reviewed the flood of information on it this morning.

Debbie Frisch, adjunct instructor of psychology at University of Arizona and blogger, in what can only be thought of as a complete display of clinical insanity, posted vile threats of molestation and murder against Jeff's (Protein Wisdom) 2 year old child. I choose not to copy and paste the disturbing postings here but you can review them for yourself at any number of places.

It appears as though "Dr" Frisch has been pushed into resigning her position at the University following the flood of email to her superior. She made an attempt at damage control in her "White Flag" blog post yesterday. This post unfortunately lacks sincerity as it is filled with denial and self proclaimed victimization.

I would like to address this becoming yet another right -v- left issue. I have already heard comments such as "where is the left on this issue?", "Dr Frisch will now be a martyr for the left", and the like. By slicing up an issue like this into "right" and "left" you give a wholly disturbed human being like "Dr" Frisch a stronger voice, you give her credibility - as though she belongs to some larger group that would subscribe to her maniacal and disgraceful behavior. Don't give her that.

I not only support Jeff Goldstein's right to espouse his political views (in opposition of mine) but would, at any time stand at his side in defending him against unspeakable attacks like this. I also believe Jeff should absolutely seek any and all criminal and civil remedies available to him.

I would also like to say that a very small part of what "Dr" Frisch is learning is that the Internet and it's offering of the Blogosphere is not some small vacuum where reprehensible actions can disappear with a click. It is permanent, it is forever. It actually forces a higher level of accountability. Her actions should be treated as we would treat any other criminal behavior.

I encourage everyone to click "post" or "send" only after saying to themselves:
"This will be a part of my permanent record"
"This will live forever"
"I can and will be judged by a global community based on what I write here"
"This will forever serve as an example of my character".


Pablo said...

Bravo, Megan.

Also, wrt this: "This move is not about conforming, but more about making a statement that I am indeed a proud lesbian but as it turned out, that had little to do with the majority of my discussions."

That's wisdom setting in. :-)

Good on ya!

Beth said...

Hi Megan!

I would never have thought you'd condone or excuse any of that anyway, and I actually wouldn't lump her in with most of the left either (well, maybe academia--LOL). At least not after those comments she left. This kind of sickness goes way beyond politics. There are a few who are excusing her (letting politics take precedence over the sanctity of a child's worth as a human being!), but those people are deranged filth too.

And this bears repeating, by everyone:
"This will be a part of my permanent record"
"This will live forever"
"I can and will be judged by a global community based on what I write here"
"This will forever serve as an example of my character".

Well said. :-)

jinnderella said...

bien merci, megan.
you are the only leftsideblogger i have seen throw frisch out of the boat without first protesting that 1) she is not really part of your crewe, and 2) the rightside is far worse.

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Pablo, thank you...I try to never resist finding a little wisdom.

Matoko, thank you for saying that. I appreciate being seen as someone who rarely makes excuses in lieu of addressing an issue.

Beth! Hey girl! Always wonderful to see you. Of course I had to leap all over this one, I was just shocked. There is truly no limit to how low some people will sink. You want to know the worst part? We actually live in a time when the lines of acceptability (legal and moral) are so completely blurred that little will likely be done to stop a person like this (until she makes good on one of her disgusting threats). There should be a greater level of outrage.

Anonymous said...

Megan,we on the other side of the aisle thank you.This was a disgusting use of the blogosphere,and unlike many,you stood up for what is right and decent in this world.

Anonymous said...


A well written rebuttal to Ms. Frisch's actions. Another conservative thanks you!


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