13 July 2006

Just Close Homeland Security

This administration has NO right pointing a finger to anyone as putting us at risk. The Department of Homeland Security does a good job of that all on their own by letting the evil-doers see JUST how on the ball we are. "Nix's Check Cashing;" "Mall at Sears"; "Ice Cream Parlor"; "Tackle Shop"; "Donut Shop"; "Anti-Cruelty Society"; "Bean Fest"; Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo; the Amish Country Popcorn factory; the Mule Day Parade; the Sweetwater Flea Market and an unspecified "Beach at End of a Street", now have the full protection of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

With THIS coming out, I am sure some petrified terrorist somewhere in the world is crossing the Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo right off his list and muttering "Foiled again! DAMN those clever Americans".