21 September 2006

Message To Chavez (from a Liberal friend of mine)

The email exchange between my friend and I this afternoon. (Warning: Strong language)

And this friend just happens to be US resident but not a US citizen...


Here is my message to Chavez....F**k You, F**k your oil and F**k your government. I may not agree with our president but he is basically a good man and not a cheap shot artist like yourself. When you have the dignity to face up to the man and say that to his face, let me know. The fact is you are a pompous dictator enriched by oil. You are no Robin Hood. You are a scoundrel. You don't come to this country and insult my president. We have enough critics here, thank you...the man represents the office of the president of the United States and you have insulted that office and you have offended every American, right and left. We see you now for who you really are. Take your oil back. I would rather pay $4.00 per gallon and subsidize heating oil for poorer people than have them beholden to you for any charity, and don't think for a minute they do not see through your transparent charity.

You have to understand we are a very generous people and government. Only we don't laud it over people. It is the right thing to do and we do it....and yes it is the President, the man you called the devil, who called for more AIDS funding, among others. This is a great country, the greatest in the world..the freest country in the world. Could we possibly come to your country and insult you without being dragged away by some goons. I doubt it. As for those who applauded you at the UN, fuck them, too. Next time they have a humanitarian crisis, you deal with it. It is so easy to speak those words when you are protected by a podium....

So, f**k you, f**k your oil and f**k your government.


Wow! Now that's even better than all this I am watching on the news! Well said. I was telling someone yesterday that I was almost surprised at a reaction I had that felt something like this....he might be a shit, but he is our shit and I might indulge in my right to rake him over the coals but you may not.

I will admit though - these glimpses of Chavez as well as Ahmadinejad have been fascinating to watch.


Your reaction, my reaction is typical of anyone who truly loves this country. The fact is we do rake Bush over the coals..but we are just as likely to praise the man. Chavez offended our country. He does not understand Americans. He proved that with his comments. If anything, he may have helped George Bush with his approval numbers. Reason being, not many people feel George Bush deserved the venom he spewed. This is when the country rallies behind the president, the office and the country.


Let me know what you think. Is this a rallying call? Do right and left agree that outsiders may not throw poison darts from inside our own yard?

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Hops said...

Ditto x1 million!

Chavez is clearly playing the same game that the Saudi royals are: claiming to be victims of American dominance while they're actually reaping giant oil riches.

jayne d'Arcy said...

I agree. I don't care for Bush, but I'm an American, I vote and pay taxes. I have a right to get mad at him. Chavez can go shove his head in the dirt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - but I disagree. Truth is truth, no matter who says it.

Yes, he is America's village idiot. He is ingorant at best, and willfully evil at worst. Why is it wrong for a foreign leader to say that?

When Rush Limbaugh spewed about cheese eating surrender monkeys, were you just as quick to say that he had no right to say the things he did? When the talking heads spread lies about Islam, refer constantly to Islamofascists, and froth over nuking the Middle East, is your sense of moral outrage as great as it is here?

You should also bear in mind that Chavez has had personal assasination attempts from Putsch's military. He is called all sorts of things by not only the pResident, his administration, and the congress of the US, but also by the media, who have been extremely one-sided when reporting on Chavez and the situation in Venezuela in general.

I would also strongly disagree with the statements from your friend in the first email:

I may not agree with our president but he is basically a good man and not a cheap shot artist like yourself.

Except (lately) for the cheap shots he just made against his Democratic opponents who didn't sign on to his USA Torture Act.

The fact is you are a pompous dictator enriched by oil.

As opposed to our pResident, who started a war halfway around the world so he could stuff oil money into his greedy friend's pockets.

You are a scoundrel. You don't come to this country and insult my president. We have enough critics here, thank you...the man represents the office of the president of the United States and you have insulted that office and you have offended every American, right and left.

Chavez' comments are not nerarly as offensive to me as the dismantling of democracy that has gone on under the Worst pResident Ever. Plus, the Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter is much more of a scoundrel than Chavez could hope to be. We most certainly do laud it over others, attach a lot of conditions on the aid we give, and the Chimperor has promised more AIDS funding, but sadly, as of yet, has failed to deliver on his weasel words.

I would also disagree with your whole thought process of I can criticize him, but you can't. What exactly is it that makes Americans better than anyone else in this regard?

Anonymous said...

Tom -

To slightly alter an old saying: the Devil may quote Scripture for his own ends, but he remains the Devil when he quotes it.

"What exactly is it that makes Americans better than anyone else in this regard?"

If you really have to ask this question, you're beyond all hope.

Anonymous said...

evil megan:

To slightly alter an old saying: the Devil may quote Scripture for his own ends, but he remains the Devil when he quotes it.

Are you talking about Chavez (in which case you are engaging in behavior just as bad as he is. Oh - that's right. As an American you feel entitled to do what you ream others out for. What's that word again)?

Are you talking about Putsch, who has used scripture references in his speeches since he was stealing elections in Texas?

Or are you talking about Hitlery, who was recently also called the devil by Jerry Falwell?

If you really have to ask this question, you're beyond all hope.

Is this supposed to be some sort of rational response to me pointing out the hypocrisy, hubris, and arrogance of american behavior towards the rest of humanity? Perhaps I should reply to that by stating If you're really this far gone into some sort of delusion that americans are somehow inherently superior to humans anywhere else on the planet, you're beyond all hope. But I would love to see you try and justify that line of reasoning, if you truly believe americans can criticize their politicians, but others cannot.

I also think that it was a stupid thing for Chavez to do, it is wrong (Chimpy's not the antiKoresh), and it was somewhat rude and uncivil (which are very high on my personal list of Things Not To Do). But he has every right to say it - as much as Falwell does to say he'd rather have sHrillary on the Democratic ticket than Lucifer, and as much as the ditto monkeys have to blather on about whatever Rove wants them to this week. Plus, of the three sources I have referred to in this comment of what could generously be thought of as bad jokes (and might be considered hate speech by others), Chavez' is the most reality-based of the three as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

"As an American you feel entitled to do what you ream others out for"

Pretty much, yeah.

"americans are somehow inherently superior to humans anywhere else on the planet"

I'm so glad you understand now! :)

"Chavez' is the most reality-based of the three as far as I'm concerned."

Which reality is this again? The same as the one the "reality-based community" is living in? Heh.

Anonymous said...

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