11 December 2006

There Is An Article Brewing

I have been so remiss in writing. Terrible really. There are two reasons for this.

1. Could I be more obsessively watching the voting for the Weblog Awards? I think not. (I can't believe I just admitted that). It really has been so much fun - even getting slaughtered. I'm just so excited to be in the mix and even through a very busy work week, I have worn out the refresh button on the voting polls. What fun.

2. I have had an article on the Iraq Study Group brewing. As do many of us. I have thoughts on the report and the surrounding buzz but don't feel I should finish or post it until I have read the report in its entirety. (which is proving difficult as I am so darn busy clicking refresh).

Interesting stuff on the way.....stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I make my husband check the results a few times a day. I'm just too scared to see them with my own eyes. I'm also getting slaughtered, but it is fun. And when you think about ALL the blogs out there, that your would be one of the 10 picked, well it's just too cool. Yeah, we don't win anything, but it's still fun. And I'm discovering some great new reads, which really is the best part of these awards.

Still, I've finally broke down and started begging people for votes. I know I won't come in first, but I sure don't want to come in last. My goal is to hit 150 votes. I'm happy if I can make that. Of course, that's nothing compared to the 600-1000 votes for the top two in my category. Yowzahs!

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Oh Gennie (smile) thank you SO much for joining me in admitting this.

I was so laughing when I read this because when I was nominated I said to myself..."if I am chosen as a finalist, I will just see what happens, I won't run around prompting people to vote, etc, etc.".

YEAH RIGHT. I was so stunned to be a finalist and so excited. I did wait...about 10 hours. And then I emailed EVERYone, and posted on my usual message boards, put the finalist banner in my email signature, the WHOLE SHABANG. lol. I have had a few friends and a few of my regular readers go and vote and that's great.

So funny that you say you want to hit 150. I keep saying to my roommate "ohhhh, I just can't wait to break 100!!!" I have to be the biggest goober when co-finalists of mine are well over 1000.

Hey, some people are voting for me!!! YIPPYYYYY!!!!

Anonymous said...

*sheepish grin* I'm with you entirely, from over in the parenting category...came here via MVRWC, and you have my vote!

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Hi Shannon. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

I appreciate the vote so much - and you certainly have mine!! I'll go vote for you now.

I'll check out your blog Shannon. If you like, please visit here again.

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Hey Shannon! You rock girl! Not only is your blog really cool but your winning!!!

I'm so excited for you and you are now on my list of daily votes.

The GTL™ said...

LMFAO Megan!!!! Me TOO!!! I probably go back there three or four times a day to see how we're doing, even though our butts are thoroughly KICKED by the "big boys" (or in our case, the "big girl"). We're within fifty votes of a couple of great blogs and the race is now between ourselves and them since we're simply NOT going to win 1st.

It's like you said - it's just FUN, and it's also an honor for our blog to be listed along with C'est Moi and the other great finalists. Blog ON, and GOOD LUCK, Megan and C'est Moi readers!!!!

Another cyber hug to one of my favorite fellow Centrist-left bloggers!!!

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Oh my wonderful Gun Toting buddy, you crack me up. Ah yes my dear - there be a very very big girl in our category. A behemoth even...looming over us.

[stated dramatically, in a British accent I think - yes, with arms outstretched....] But she will not dim or overshadow the true and undying light that is...Gun Toting Liberal and C'est Moi!

Do you think Althouse will object to my calling her a behemoth? (grin) I sure hope not, I was thinking when all this was over, I would hit her up for some linky love.

Hey, I'll race ya' to 4th if you spot me 200 votes!

I adore you my friend. We all know that you are the one who really deserved this award.


Geeeez, I am over here prattling away like a parrot and I have not refreshed in....minutes and minutes.

The GTL™ said...

I don't know if we are the ones who really deserved it or not, but it's been pretty fun.

And hey - I just refreshed, too - and yay - we're tied at 382 with Homeland Stupidity for a few moments... LOL! I'm finding myself going over there more and more... I've gotta stop it! LOL.

I just went over there to see if I could be the one to vote you to triple digits (100) but the blasted thing said I've already voted :-/ Somebody go over there and put Megan over 100 already!!!

The GTL™ said...

YAY!!!! My favorite slightly left of center bloggin' budette has now broken 100 (now 106)!!!

About three thousand votes shy of where you deserve to be, but definitely making an honorable showing ;-)

We're solidly in the center, which is right about where you'd expect a "centrist(?)" blog to be... lol...


Rootin' for ya!

Sapphoria / Megan said...


Ahhh, it's the little things, isn't it?

And you are getting UP there m'dear!! You are going to have a HUGE push in the next few days - I feel it!

>>>>>struttin' around in my boxers with a big, gold, glittery 100 PLUS sign.

The GTL™ said...


You might be correct, Megan... we actually PASSED somebody temporarily (?). Damn... I bet I'm hitting the refresh button more than you are now... I need meds! LOL.

We're only about 40 behind number four I think... and now that's what it's all about... beating number four and staying ahead of number six...

My Dear God, what the heck is wrong with me??? ;-)

Sapphoria / Megan said...


M'dear, we are reasonable people, what the hell??!!


LOL, I am in the same position but nearer the bottom. But it's actually quite nice down here. It's peaceful and they serve surprisingly nice wines. (refresh) But anyway, I am fighting like crazy to keep my lead on 9th and pull well ahead of 8th (we are now tied). (refresh) Who knows, I could have 7th locked up today!! And you...YES you are now only 33 behind 4th! And third is soundly in your sights! (refresh)

GTL, we are flat out nuts! I worry what we are going to do when it's over. I am hoping drinking in larger quantities will help, you think? (refresh)

The GTL™ said...


Ah, yes... drinking in larger quantities DOES seem to help! Woke up this morning with a slight hangover and fourth is definitely possible!


You are tied again with the Glittering Eye... you can DO IT, my friend!


LMFAO, Megan!!!!

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Well then, I am tending bar today! It's 2pm - that can absolutely be considered cocktail hour on all voting days!

OMG refresh man! Refresh! You are within 11 votes of 4th! And I still say you wind up giving 3rd a run for their money by the end of the day!

You'll remember the little people, won't you m'dear? Or at least ME!

Ohhhhh I hope I move into 7th today!! (where is my gold, glittery ZIPPED INTO 7TH sign???

>>>>tipping my glass and ...well...refreshing, of course.

The GTL™ said...

WOO-HOO!!! We're within nine now, and YOU just took 7th over Glittering (115-114)!! (refresh)

LMFAO! I'll go stir crazy when I go back to work tomorrow - no Internets connections for this sort of crazy stuff (refresh)... !

And as for your question, it's hard to think I'm "all that" when I work my butt off for a livin' -- hah... fun stuff... fun, fun, FUN (refresh)

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Ya' know, I gotta work my butt off too -- what is with that?!

I think I should raise one eyebrow and say to my clients "You want me to do whatttt? Perhaps it has escaped your attention that I am currently in 7th place for the Best Centrist Blog Award??!!" "Hmmmmph!"

OMG, refresh

The GTL™ said...

WOW - we've just nudged into fourth for a second... (refresh, refresh)... yep, still in fourth!


Sapphoria / Megan said...

YES!!!!!!!! My pistol pointing pal is has most definitely taken 4th!!!

Now think 3rd!

You own third!
You are third!

The GTL™ said...

Wow... just got back in from the road... (refresh) -

COOL BEANS, DUDETTE!!! You're still holding onto 7th and we're still in fifth... (refresh) - yup, STILL! lol

Dunno if fourth is possible... WoC is run by a dood called the "Armed Liberal" - gotta love him already!

The GTL™ said...

Oops - meant fourth and third respectively (refresh) -

Anonymous said...

Ok- I've been lurking this ...refresh race/voting/comedy night.

I've quit my job today - sold my cats - bought a u haul and am now roaming the us to find a new ip to vote from.

Did I hear someone say refresh?

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the most hilarious posting I've seen! You may end up nominated for next year's awards from this discourse alone.

I'm Megan's Max - and yes - I'm the one who sold their cats...


Anonymous said...

Guess Gun Totting liberal is out of here tonight? !@&%$%%%!!(refresh)@#%%!!

Ok - I'll meet him tomorrow


Sapphoria / Megan said...

GTL, my most treasured friend, meet "m'gal", Max. She is getting the biggest kick out of our...hmmmmm, affliction? Obsession? Whatever it may be.

You are still TOTALLY reaching 3rd and I am still in 7th and moving up!!! refresh

The GTL™ said...

I'm.. (scuse' me... REFRESH...) here...

I've never done crack, but I bet it's a lot like this... LOL (ahem! Refresh)

(clears throat, reaches toward Max's hand... 'scuse me, Ma'am... REFRESH)

It's a PLEASURE and an HONOR to meetchya :-)

Any friend of Megan's is a friend of mine :-)

Megan, I hope you can forgive me... GREED took over me. The last time I refreshed, I was going to toss you a vote but I was at 599 and I just couldn't help but vote for the GTL so I could (refresh, and...) see the number 600 on there :-/

I owe ya TWO, babe! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I admit I have not been voting everyday - not really thinking about it, but when I do vote, I also cast one for you as best "centrist" blog. You deserve the name centrist - a very balanced site!

And getting creamed is not so bad. You still get to keep the button! :-)


Sapphoria / Megan said...

(smile) such a gentleman! And YES you HAD to vote for you. You should keep voting for you m'dear. You have a real shot at 3rd!


Ok, now GTL - we have 60 hours and 30 minutes to go. (before we have to get serious clinical help). We have got to push our group to vote! (well you have a group, I have a small, intimate gathering). But anyway...its Marketing Blitz time! (refresh).

You look sooooo good at 600 plus. I am already making your 700 PLUS sign!

I think you are at work today. If you didn't change your mind and take the day off, I will refresh enough for both of us!


Sapphoria / Megan said...

Anchoress, it is so nice to see you again. You are certainly getting my daily votes.

Thank you sending some votes my way, I appreciate it!

lol...I am going to LOVE my button! Hey, it's my first time as a finalist. That button will be above the fold for some time.

Great to see you.

The GTL™ said...

Not at work yet, Megan... about to go though; will be away from a refresh button for no less than 12 hours (refresh)... :-/

That's gonna SUCK! Oh well, we're hanging on in fourth and you are running away with seventh, my dear! Good show!!! (refresh)

:-) Have yourselves a great day over heah...!

The GTL™ said...

Back... what a LONG day! Lessee...


Dang! QandO is sneaking back up on us... just 20 votes shy of tying us for fourth...

"Says I" is 13 ahead of Glittering for 7th...


... yep, still the same story...


... yep... no change...


Sapphoria / Megan said...

Hey You! (refreshing like a mad woman, still)

You have SO pulled away from QandO!!! YESSSSSSSS. It might be tough for you to grab 3rd but I still believe you can do it! Get all your people over there for a mad rush on the last day, dear!

(refresh) And I just MIGHT hit 200 before it's all over.

I'm going to need a vacation when this is over!


The GTL™ said...


Damn... these 12 hour days at work without access to a PC SUCKS! Looks like we need a hundred and seventy something votes now to break 1000, which is what this has become about to me now anyway ;-)


Yup, still a ways to go!


I see 7th is a definite LOCK for you, Megan... as is breaking 200 it appears :-)

GO MEGAN!!! (hug - refresh) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Max shakes GLT's hand, notes the glazed look in his eyes, and suggests a weekend at the Repetitive Refresh Reflexology Institute for the Serial Offender.

Before GLT can muster a word, Max assures him the refresh problem is in fact escalating. By way of example, he confides his recent experience with serial refreshing: in his email account - awaiting the link to voting on the awards blog.

If the current progression is any indication, it is indeed safe to assume this will reach epidemic proportions with the next 12 hours.

*Note to self --------------- [Buy GLT an RRRI gift certificate]

Max smiles, heads Cest moi's direction...

The GTL™ said...

LOL Max!!! And congrats to you, Megan. What a ton of fun that was, wasn't it? Hey - I'm honored to take fourth - it just means we've got a helluva lot more work to do :-)

Blog ON, and congrats to my C'est Moi friends for your respectable showing :-)

PS: And another huge ole', left-leaning hug to Megan and one for Max!

Sapphoria / Megan said...

My dear, dear GTL...

WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, one more day of that and I might have seriously lost it! I guess I have to sober up now.

I couldn't have gotten through it without you my friend. Truly, thank you SO much for all this support, I had the best time!

(bells and whistles) CONGRATS to you on taking 4th!! You're first to me!

Ok, well, errrr. dum de dum de dum....I guess it's time to get back to the business of blogging!


The GTL™ said...

Yes, Ma'am... it WAS fun going thru that with you :-)

And thank you so much for your kindness thru all of this. I just absolutely ADORE you and your blog, my friend!