07 January 2007

Does "Big Brother" Need To Be Stamped On His Forehead, Or What?

Beginning December 20, 2006, President Bush began securing for his administration the authority to open American's postal mail without a warrant.

This administration is a living example of a quote that comes to mind:

"Nearly all men can withstand adversity; if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

The events to date: Bush signed a postal reform bill into law on 12-20-06. He then issues a "signing statement" that declared his right to open our mail under emergency conditions and without a warrant. The director of the Center for National Security Studies in Washington calls this "new and quite alarming". Reinforcing the disdain over this action is the fact that Bush made this sly move during the winter congressional recess.

Ardent supporters of this White House will frighten you, screaming misleading statements like -If you have a bomb on the way to your house, (you America hater) you really want that to be delivered in the interest of protecting your privacy!? That is nothing but Big Brother spin. Our laws, for some time now, have protected us against the proverbial "ticking" letter or package. Under compelling circumstances, the process as it exists now, allows for the letter or package to be opened immediately. The government then has 2 days to go to the FISA court to explain their reasoning behind it. A warrant to explain that action is then issued - after the fact. If this administration is so determined to subvert that process - when FISA does not, absolutely does NOT delay action in an emergency situation, what does this tell us? There is one answer to that. The administration wants unchecked power to do as they will. It is the need for sweeping, absolute power without question. And that is not among the powers we afford our employee, our President.

He is using the same rationale and justification he has used to read our email, track our online activity, listen to our phone calls and now open our postal mail. Support of this action by our President defies rational explanation. It begs the question...is the act of voluntarily giving up our civil liberties now a right -v- left issue? Really? Liberty used to be an "American" issue. On this, I claim no side, I am not a leftist, I am an American - even if it means facing the barrage of attacks befalling dissenters in this political era.

I state in resounding voice here and now. If one piece of my mail is invaded by this government I will take all AMERICAN legal recourse available to me.

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Anonymous said...


First of all - I love the quote, and have especial appreciation of it's use in this article.

Second - can you explain how Bush is able to pull this off? I'd love to have some background on how this has gotten so far, seemingly unchecked.

Assume I know nothing about politics and too, know nothing about how a president can run rampant - can you give me the dumbed down details? Bush 101?

Loved your article! Love your tenacity and fever. Don't stop, Megan. Don't ever stop doing what you do so well.


utenzi said...

The Bush Administration has a profound respect and love for freedom and democracy--as long as everyone thinks and acts exactly as they tell us to. Exactly! Achtung?

There's only two years left of this administration but it's scary how much damage can be done in that amount of time.