10 January 2007

TAGGED: 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Hey, I've been tagged! It's my first time (blushes) and what an auspicious event it is!

Ok, on to the 5 things you don't know about me. Most here in the blogosphere know very little about me actually - I am such an enigma - or - people couldn't give a hoot. It's one of those two things though, for sure.

Ok, here we go.

1. My twin sister's boy, my nephew is my daughter's brother.

2. I love men's shoes. Now most of you realize I am a lesbian and might immediately get a picture of Moi as bullish or manly, etc. Nope. Nothing wrong with that style at all but I am such a girly girl. There is just something about men's shoes. It's not all I wear. If I am wearing a skirt or dress they simply won't do (drats). But when ever I can -- they are so comfortable and always look fabulous. Ah yes, how I love an exquisitely made men's shoe.

3. I can be a little compulsive. Those who know me are now saying "can be??!!". But with odd things. I can't stand chemicals - don't take medication, won't eat treated or processed foods, go NUTS over the idea of certain cleaners or (Lord forbid) bug sprays in my house. And paper. I have a real thing about paper. I hate paper to be bent, crumpled, wrinkled, etc. I just can't stand it. If a magazine or (even worse) book cover is creased, I can't read it. If I am writing something and make a mistake, I have to start over no matter what. No erasing, marking out, white out. NO - have to fold the ruined one neatly to throw it away and start over. I am getting much better though, I used to iron money. My mother used to say it was because I was creative and loved to write so I hated seeing any damage done to anything put to paper. I liked that reasoning and held onto it.

4. In my wilder days, I hustled pool. I mean I seriously hustled pool. What fun and what drama. (what great money!) The third time I came home having taken a sucker punch, my mother (knowing I was not about to give up pool) bought me a suit and put me in tournament play, which I enjoyed for years. Then in the height of Foosball (yes, Foosball actually offered at one time a multi-million dollar tour), my partner and I played our way up to the World Championships in Chicago. Pool and Foosball - fun time in my young life.

5. I am crazy about lighthouses. I would love nothing more than to live in one - to fully experience the mystique and history in them. When I picture myself really free, it is at the base of a lighthouse on a rugged coast - writing.

Ok, I get to tag now!! Let's see....hmmmm. I pick...........
Zarqawi's Mom, I Am So Damn Good, Utenzi, Basil's


utenzi said...

Normally I don't like memes but I was so happy to see your Email that I came right over. For some odd reason I thought you'd dropped out of blogging. Silly me.

I tell ya, we don't have much in common here. We both like women. That might be it. LOL?

#1 confused me. Does that mean that your sister adopted your son? Or are we talking genetics since the two would have half their DNA in common (instead of the normal quarter)?

I can be compulsive too but nothing like you. You're close to the ideal compulsive. That sorta purity should be admired, I think. But not the shoe thing. Men's shoes are too clunky. Other than hiking boots, I avoid them.

The pool / foosball hustling is neat. I've never been much good at pool but during college I got pretty good at foosball. Nothing like you and your partner tho. I'd just play in intramural contests.

Good list!

Sapphoria / Megan said...

(smile) Utenzi, it is SO good to see you too. I know many don't like these memes and I don't think I would do it more than once - but I thought it could be fun and it is a good way for some of us to give each other a nudge.

HA, we do have that liking women in common.

"Purity"...Whew I am hugging you for that one - makes me feel good about being a nut. lol.

On #1. First remember the son is my sister's - the daughter is mine. I will comment again with the answer but I will tell you it's pretty simple, no odd genetics.

You were into foosball too?! That's so cool. It had such a brief life in major tournament play, I don't meet too many people who really got into it.

Again, it's great to see you and your blog looks FABULOUS.


Ben said...

Thanks for the tag. It's my first time. Be gentle. Please.

Sapphoria / Megan said...

With the softest of kid gloves, I promise.

Ben said...

Well I did it. Not nearly as interesting as yours, and even then I had to make stuff up, but that's what you get for being as boring as some really boring thing.

utenzi said...

It's been a week, Megan. The suspense of not understanding the brother-sister relationship between your daughter and her cousin is just killing me!

Sapphoria / Megan said...

Yippy Ben, I will go check it out! And I just bet you are not nearly as boring as...most boring things.

(smile) Utenzi, welcome back and I am so sorry! I meant to clear this up much sooner. My twin sister is my daughter's biological mother, I adopted her. My sister (much later) had a son. He is now 11 and my daughter is 24.

Anonymous said...

Hey babe -

If I buy you a lighthouse, will you marry me?

Tara said...

Don't let C'est Moi fool you into thinking she actualy wears skirts or dresses. I think the last time she wore one might have been before Clinton took office.

"Can Be" compulsive? Hmmm... let me think about that for a minute.... HA! I think that is a slight understatement, but I'll let it go, lol.

Just wanted to stop in and say hello and that I am back.

Signed: C'est Moi's nephew's sister (wink)

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